Baby and Brother

Adventures with my little boys – three days short of two months!

Once upon a time there was a baby with an elephant on his shirt and a big brother with footballs on his pajamas.

Big brother started telling his mom about his day at school. He was excited about meeting a soldier that day. Baby started talking back to his brother. Big brother told how he learned about soldiers keeping the country safe. Baby responded back with little excited coos and gurgles.

Big brother talked and the baby cooed and big brother talked more while the baby smiled a toothless grin. They both talked to each other until the baby fell asleep. Big brother got tired and yawned a sleepy yawn. Baby and brother had a great night and went right to sleep. 🙂



Lets pledge for a better tomorrow


Healthy diet for a healthy planet from WWF on Vimeo.

What we eat has a huge impact on the world around us. For instance nearly one fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture. As the world becomes richer we consume more calories and protein and this means more land required to raise livestock and more seafood that is being pulled from the oceans. The food we eat is part of a complex web of life to which we all belong.

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