Fifty shades of grey

Fifty shades of Grey must be making raves in the women readers. I do not know if the shades of grey can actually be quantified into 50. I have my own shades of grey which I have been trying to overcome. Or haven’t I ? Mornings beginning with faded silver of the clouds, the increasing number of slivering grey hair, the unending abyss of dark void pulling me in. And the grey days I’ve cringed to my phone book searching for that friend to share my feelings with and hitting the end of the list. The crooked smile that almost gets curved down. The greenish grey shade of moss growing on the barren bark. Flaky white snow melting away in black dirt. I always read about this weighted heaviness and grey mood and thought “yah right like that would happen to me.” And here I am with the grey matter in my brain trying to comprehend. Like a silver lining to this dark cloud of my life I hear the gurgling laugh of my innocent child pulling me out of the abyss temporarily. *sigh*


Fifty shades of Grey making raves
I wonder if the book actually quantifies the shades
With my own blues turning into greys
the dark void pulls me into the abyss
as clouded mornings turn into faded silvers
I cringe to my phone book reliving the days
Searching for that friend who would care for my woes
My crooked smile’s downward curves
and the mirror images slivering grey hairs
The barren bark adorns the greenish grey moss
While the white snow melts into dirt specks


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