“Om purnam adah purnam idam

purnaat purnam udachyate

purnasya purnam aadaaya 

purnam evavashishyate”

“Personality of God is whole and complete, as He is complete and perfect, all emanations from Him are perfectly complete. Anything produced of this Wholeness is complete in itself and He remains the Complete Whole” ~ This phenomenal world. All facilities are given to the small complete units – the living beings, to enable them to realize the Complete Whole. All forms of incompleteness are experienced due to incomplete knowledge of the Complete Whole. 

The above explanation is taken from the “Sri Isopanisad” written by Bhaktivendanta Swami Prabhupada. With my little understanding of Sanskrit and remembering the bits and pieces of advaita from my parents, I would like to translate this mantra thus –

Purnam – complete/whole/round/perfect/infinite

Adah – that (universe/God), Idam  – this (all we can see/our own spiritual self)

“That(universe/God) is Perfect and Complete, This(all we can see/our own spiritual self) is Perfect and Complete” 

Purnat – From Purna/ Completeness, Purnam – Completeness

Udachyate – is produced

“Completeness is produced from Completeness”

Purnasya – of it (Complete/Whole), Purnam aadaaya – taken from the Complete/ take a part from the Complete

“When complete parts from the Complete Whole are taken”

Purnam – Complete, Evam – thus, Vasishyate (avaseshya) – remaining

“Thus there remains Completeness/ Complete Whole”

When we replace Completeness with Infinite – both words which are grandiosely similar yet mundanely different, here’s what we conclude –

“That(universe/God) is Infinite, This(all we can see/our own spiritual self) is Infinite

Infinity is produced from Infinity

“When Infinite parts from the Infinity are taken”

“Thus there remains Infinity

Isn’t this one mantra expounding with universal truth? Heard this numerous times with little knowledge about what it actually meant. All I understood as a novice was that Purnam meant whole/round and there were too many rounds in this mantra. Little do I understand now that God is actually within me as an unexplored energy!


One thought on “Truth

  1. This is the actual way of seeking the truth. You substituted Infinity and then reapprehended it’s meaning. The Hinduism only about the TRUTH.

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