South India – Rustic Andhra Pradesh

Rustic house adjoining the village canal across the paddy fields. An enchanting sight on a fog filled morning!

Though it was not officially Bhogi, we had a chance to experience the warmth on a misty December morning!

Found this happy soul on our way to Godavari river, she greeted us with a warm toothless smile.. inquiring our whereabouts as she shyly posed for the camera. The front porch of this old Andhra style house with faded colors remains as a past glory... God bless her warm heart!

Paddy fields of Andhra Pradesh - "Annapurna" or "Rice bowl of India"

These tanned men were transporting boats full of sand from/to the other shore...

Mighty Godavari and coconut trees - the boat man duo only accentuated its beauty!

Bullock cart - an obscure sight to most urban Indians


Farmer with his sickle

A remarkable day – spent in a small village named “Kesanakurru” in Andhra Pradesh! It was a journey back in time – no honking traffic and fresh pure air to breathe!

These pictures don’t entirely speak of my beautiful experience with this village.


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