Travellers and Magicians

Travellers and Magicians

I am not fancied about writing movie reviews, however I happened to watch this enchanting Bhutanese language film which made a lasting impression and I have to share it!

Tagged “The bitter and sweet of temporary things”, this 2003 Bhutanese movie is a feast to eyes, secluding the mind into a state of blissful solitude! Set in the beautiful landscape of Himalayas, this movie opens up Bhutanese life and culture to the world.

It starts off as a story of a young man dreaming about escaping the mundane country living to trade with the hustle and bustle of city living. On his journey along the valleys of Himalayas, he encounters an Apple seller, a Buddhist monk, a Rice paper maker and his daughter.

The Buddhist monk starts to narrate the tale of a young boy named Tashi to the rest of the travelers. This is intertwined into the actual plot and is showcased in an awesome sepia tone. The grasping narration by the monk is interrupted to portray the present day journey of these travelers. When the travelers begin their journey into the next day the narration of the tale continues.

The movie is nested three fold weaving Tashi’s illusion into monk’s narrative and the fable itself into the present day. It portrays how simple love, can change the worlds we live in. At the end the protagonist’s dream would seem to have evolved to seek into simple things of life.


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