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Healthy diet for a healthy planet from WWF on Vimeo.

What we eat has a huge impact on the world around us. For instance nearly one fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture. As the world becomes richer we consume more calories and protein and this means more land required to raise livestock and more seafood that is being pulled from the oceans. The food we eat is part of a complex web of life to which we all belong.

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Baby and Brother

Adventures with my little boys – three days short of two months!

Once upon a time there was a baby with an elephant on his shirt and a big brother with footballs on his pajamas.

Big brother started telling his mom about his day at school. He was excited about meeting a soldier that day. Baby started talking back to his brother. Big brother told how he learned about soldiers keeping the country safe. Baby responded back with little excited coos and gurgles.

Big brother talked and the baby cooed and big brother talked more while the baby smiled a toothless grin. They both talked to each other until the baby fell asleep. Big brother got tired and yawned a sleepy yawn. Baby and brother had a great night and went right to sleep. ūüôā


The drinking bird

He was almost asleep when I asked him, “Did you have this toy when you were a child?” “Yes I had it” he muttered inaudibly with a tinge of frustration that I was making a conversation then. Ignoring the sleepy tone I continued. “It’s a glass bird which moved up and down…”
“Oh with a red liquid inside and drank water ?” He questioned now alert.
“Yes that’s what I am talking about.” “Well every household had it then.” He said as a matter of fact. “I don’t remember if many of my friends had it but yes we had it. Daddy got it from some place he visited on one of his office trips. Guess, I vaguely remember it being said as a Russian toy.” Saying this I got to thinking if I am mixing up with the Russian stacking dolls. “Oh ya my dad got it too from some place and it uses capillary action for perpetual motion.”
I was like “don’t talk nerdy.” He carefully explained how the liquid uses capillary action and gravitation to keep moving perpetually.
“We spent many hours examining the bird in action at some point we broke it.” Even before I could finish the sentence he burst into laughter. “We did that too.” Now I couldn’t stop laughing. After all the laughter subsided I stated in a more satisfying tone, “Now our little one is getting to do things like that.” I smiled inadvertently and added, “he tears off the pages from his books and hands it to me expecting me to stick it back. And this is just the beginning.”

Alright after this conversation I googled the drinking bird and it doesn’t really use capillary action but uses heat transfer. It is not actually a Russian invention but originated in China in early 19th century. Interesting information. I recollected this toy after watching the movie “When Harry met Sally.”


Fifty shades of grey

Fifty shades of Grey must be making raves in the women readers. I do not know if the shades of grey can actually be quantified into 50. I have my own shades of grey which I have been trying to overcome. Or haven’t I ? Mornings beginning with faded silver of the clouds, the increasing number of slivering grey hair, the unending abyss of dark void pulling me in. And the grey days I’ve cringed to my phone book searching for that friend to share my feelings with and hitting the end of the list. The crooked smile that almost gets curved down. The greenish grey shade of moss growing on the barren bark. Flaky white snow melting away in black dirt. I always read about this weighted heaviness and grey mood and thought “yah right like that would happen to me.” And here I am with the grey matter in my brain trying to comprehend. Like a silver lining to this dark cloud of my life I hear the gurgling laugh of my innocent child pulling me out of the abyss temporarily. *sigh*


Fifty shades of Grey making raves
I wonder if the book actually quantifies the shades
With my own blues turning into greys
the dark void pulls me into the abyss
as clouded mornings turn into faded silvers
I cringe to my phone book reliving the days
Searching for that friend who would care for my woes
My crooked smile’s downward curves
and the mirror images slivering grey hairs
The barren bark adorns the greenish grey moss
While the white snow melts into dirt specks

Krishna Akshayam

“Krishna Akshayam” I said while emptying the cup of rice into the cooking pot. It’s become a habit these days, I keep uttering the words even when I’m preparing baby food. Mother when she came to my place post delivery cooked and cleaned every day. One of those days she said “Krishna Akshayam.” I vaguely recalled the story of Draupadi, she possessed a mystical cooking pot. While in exile the Pandavas were unable to feed the holy sages who visited them in forest. Upon praying to Lord Surya, Yudhishtira was blessed with an Akshaya Patra. An everlasting pot, food cooked in that pot would suffice any number of hungry people irrespective of its size.
One time after cooking and serving dinner to her five husbands, Draupadi cleaned all the pots and pans and was about to retire to bed when she receives an unexpected guest Lord Krishna. Draupadi panics and expresses concern over her inability to serve food to him as the pot once cleaned for the day produces no more food. Krishna smiles and asks Draupadi to look once more into the Akshaya Patra for there could be a rice grain left over. Behold to the mystical doings of Lord Krishna, Draupadi could serve him dinner that night.
I recall this story whenever I utter “Krishna Akshayam”. Every time I cook I pray to Lord Krishna to help us have an ever lasting supply of food and not starve my family. It’s simple to me or may be stupid to some others but I find these two words magical and believe they posses the positive energy to keep our little bellies full.



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“Om purnam adah purnam idam purnaat purnam udachyate purnasya purnam aadaaya¬† purnam evavashishyate” “Personality of God¬†is whole and complete, as¬†He¬†is complete and perfect, all emanations from¬†Him¬†are perfectly complete. Anything produced of this Wholeness is complete in itself and¬†He¬†remains the¬†Complete Whole” … Continue reading